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What is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening


Radio frequency skin tightening is a non-surgical aesthetic

technique which uses radio frequency energy to heat tissue and

stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the

appearance of fine lines and loose skin. Clients may see visible

improvements as each week progresses with optimal results up to 12 weeks following the treatment.


Radio frequency induces tissue remodeling and the production of

new collagen and elastin by targeting the underlying structure of

the skin with radio frequency energy. The local heating causes an

immediate contraction of collagen fibres and at the same time

increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts, thereby accelerating the

production of new collagen and elastin fibres. The concentration of

collagen fibres and the regeneration of the collagen and elastin

deposits tighten the skin layers, creating smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. This safe and relaxing process provides an alternative to face-lift and other cosmetic surgeries.

How Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Works

Radio frequency has emerged as a popular non-invasive treatment

option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. Its

principle relies on using radio frequency energy to heat the skin

to a precise temperature for a precise amount of time in order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, thereby tightening the skin.

Radio frequency can be performed as a stand-alone treatment for

skin tightening or combined with ultrasonic cavitation for complete

body contouring.

Tissue Retraction

The generated heat caused local contraction of the collagen fibres

which immediately tighten the skin.

Functions and Working Principles

Ultrasound waves at specific frequencies promote fat tissue

absorption (including cellulite) and firm skin. Although the function

of radio frequency treatments are for tightening and firming the skin,

ultrasound waves can also improve skin elasticity with long lasting effects.

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

The ultrasound head targets fat cells causing them to resonate and burst, releasing the contents. The fat contained therein is then absorbed and removed by the lymphatic

system. Please keep in mind that any fat removal treatment should also be

combined with constant sustained physical exercise and a healthy diet in order to maintain results. This technique is an aid to fat loss.

Radio Frequency (RF)


When the low voltage sine-wave  is applied to the skin,

the collagen fibers are heated from 45 degrees to 65 degrees

depending on the intensity setting of the device and the speed of motion of the handpiece. This causes collagen regeneration process, restoring skin firmness and elasticity.

 Effects of Ultrasound 40 KHz combined with RF

*Firms loose skin on the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back and


*Helps reduce localized body fat

*Improves the appearance of cellulite

*Radio Frequency on the face alone firms the skin through the

 promotion of collagen regrowth


Treatment Contraindications

*Pregnant or breastfeeding

*Heart problems or diseases

*High blood pressure


*Kidney damage, diseases or problems

*Liver damage, diseases or problems

*Acute inflammatory processes

*Haemorrhagic disease, trauma or bleeding

*Medical plastic parts or parts with metal inside

*Abnormal immune system

*Numb or insensitive to heat

*Menstrual period

*Skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or rashes

*Active implanted device such as pacemaker or defibrillator

There are also times when a contraindication may not apply, but you

 still need to exercise caution and possibly limit the treatment


Areas That Can Be Treated

The ultrasonic cavitation procedure can be used to safely reduce

 unwanted fat from all major areas, including:

*Upper arms

*Upper abdomen

*Lower abdomen


The Radio Frequency Procedure Can Be Used To:

*Lift the brows and tighten the skin on the forehead

*Thicken and tighten the skin under the eyes

*Lift and diminish enlarged pores on the cheeks and mid-face

*Reduce jowls and sagging along the jaw line

*Tighten skin and diminish wrinkling on the neck

*Tighten skin on the stomach post pregnancy or weight loss

*Other body areas such as arms, legs and buttocks

*Radio frequency it is also used to enhance the results of ultrasonic

 fat cavitation

Client Consultation


The ideal candidate for ultrasonic fat cavitation and radio frequency

skin tightening are relatively fit but have some modest-size fat

bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise and/or mild to moderate loose skin on their face, neck, arms or abdomen. They are seeking spot reduction for specific areas of fat but are not considering a surgical procedure. The ultrasonic fat cavitation procedure is not intended for weight-loss or obesity and is not a substitute for invasive methods such as liposuction.

The consultation is used to determine whether the client is a

suitable candidate, assess their goals and expectations, and identify

the treatment areas. It is essential for the client to have realistic

expectations. Therefore we will explain the treatment in depth and discuss the expected results. Proper client selection is the key to achieving results and client satisfaction.

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